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Evening, i really need help with a SLI performance problem. I purchased 2 Palit gtx 680 jetstream 4gb graphic cards today from Amazon. Before i installed the cards i uninstalled all nvidia drivers for my gtx 590 (usb drivers, 3d vision etc..). i have installed the new cards with the SLI Asus ribbon, and the latest nvidia drivers from their website for my 2 gtx 680 (version 306.97).

But i am having the same performance as i was getting with my gtx 590, i know that one gtx 680 is not as fast as a gtx 590 but i have enabled SLI in the nvidia control panel, and have downloaded GPU-Z to make sure they are running in SLI, but i have no increase in frame rate performance at all. Is it something i am doing wrong.

Just wondering if it could be my system setup or a problem with my new cards. Here is my set up

Antec high current gamer 900w PSU
Asus Extreme III
Intel core i7 960 @3.2Ghz
6GB DDR3 2300Mhz Corsair Dominator GT
2 x 1TB Black caviar 64mb cache in RAID 0
2 x GTX 680 Palit jetstream 4GB cards

Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

Evening sorry to trouble you. i have disconnected the sli bridge cable and left one card (the one closest to the cpu) connected to my psu and that card starts my pc fine with the display working, but when i plug in the other car (the 3rd pcie slot down) i get no signal and the pc does not even make a peep some or start windows.

is this normal?

I hope this is enough info, thank you in advanced.
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  1. Some games have a max fps. What games are you running and at what resolution? Did you try running 3d mark benchmarks?
  2. bf3, nfsmw, guilld wars 2 i am getting the same speed with my old gtx 590, but imy main concern is i am only getting a display signal with the card in the 1st pcie slot, and no signal of winodw loading with the card in the 3rd pcie slot.
  3. How does the performance of a single 680 compare to both together?
  4. there is no difference at all. both cards according to sli visual indicator and nvidia control panel is working in sli but if i unplug one gtx 680 and just use the one, the performance is the same as i was when trying to use sli
  5. Test the cards 1 at a time in the top slot. If you are only using a single monitor you won't notice a difference.
  6. What are you using to gage the performance?
  7. well the fps in all my games, there is no difference
  8. That means SLI isn't working. Check that both cards work alone, one at a time in the top slot.
  9. what even though nvidia control panel and gpu-z says they are
  10. Yes. You wouldn't see identical performance.
  11. Is vsync enabled?
  12. no, i have just taken a screenshot of gpu-z, and it says the following speed,

    gpu clock 1006mhz
    memory 1502mhz
    boost 1059

    according to the plait website the memory clock should 3004 (ddr 6008)

    could this be causing he problem or am i being stupid
  13. Not stupid, just uninformed. Your memory clock will always display at half speed; I haven't ever taken the time to figure out why.
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