Does anything exist that I can connect to my grandma's HDMI tv to show

to show her family pictures ??

She has an hdmi tv.

Does anything exist that I can plug in the back of the tv to show her some pictures ?

Like a usb stick I put the pictures on, then connect in the back of the TV ??

Does anything like this exist ??
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  1. If granny has a dvd player you could make a slideshow using DVD Santa. It will make a set of pictures into a slideshow and burn to a normal DVD.
  2. yes, okay,

    but is there anything that exists that I plug directly into the HDMI port at the back ??
  3. A Blue-Ray player since they also play regular DVD's
  4. Depends on the TV -- for Example my 42" Vizio has a USB port that allows you to plug in any FAT32 formatted device and show jpeg images on the TV by going into the proper Photo mode in the options.
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