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Nvidia Gts 450 screen flikering

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 9, 2012 9:10:03 PM

Hi all.

Started playing skyrim and got screen flikering. The first thing i tryed was ( installing different drivers, the new ones and the old ones ) After allmost + - 10 different drivers installed ( with overwriting ofc) The problem wasnt solved. I thought it was skyrim problem but later when i paid more attention... my screen is flikering not only in skyrim... Dunno why i was soo blind :( 

Reinstalled windows 7. Tryed the the latest not beta and beta drivers. The problem is still here.
How to fix it ? motherboard bios overwrited allready. System is clean. Had been reading about some bios in video cars

My video card is msi gts 450 1 gb cyclone. The Gpu model here is 116 ( not 106 like in all gts 450 ) cause the gpu is from gtx 550 ( with manufacture issue, soo the gpu is on gts 450 instead)

Bios version Is there a way to reset video bios ?

About the flikering. When i dont do anything. Nothing happens. The flikering only happens on the object that i am curently moving on my screen, Anything that i move. For example some picture in internet, i scroll it down and the image flikers

Tryed putting in my old video card. Everything allright, soo the monitor and motherboard are allright. Changed the 6 pin power connector too. The connector is ok.

One more thing and it is important. My native screen resolution with gts 450 onboard is 1280X1024. When i change it to1024X768 the flikering allmost dissapears ( i cant say that it dissapears for 100% cause i am allready crazy and i see flikering everywhere. Soo maybe it fully dissapears on that resolution. )

Thats all i know. Pls help me and give me some advises or info about what happening, etc. Some information about the video bios

November 9, 2012 10:17:49 PM

bump ? anyone ?
November 10, 2012 12:28:49 PM

New information. My monitor native resolution is 1280X1024 and at that resolution the screen is flikering. When i change to 1024X768. The flikering stops. Any ideas?