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Wanting to play BF3 on a laptop

My best friend bought a Vaio laptop like 2 months ago and we play DayZ mod together. Yesterday I let him play BF3 on my computer and now he wants to buy the game. So we checked on 'Can you run it' and the laptop met every minimum requirement except for graphics card memory. Does it really matter when you are playing on low laptop resolutions?
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  1. Yes it does. BF3 is graphic intensive, more than CPU. I highly doubt that he will be able to play BF3 on a laptop.
  2. What are the specs? CPU, GPU, RAM and screen resolution are all that matter.
  3. i5 3210m @ 2.50 GHz
    6 GB RAM
    intel HD 4000 64MB
    1600 x 900

    Well I expected it to have a better GPU

    Could he even play it at 800 x 600?
  4. BUMP

    Can someone tell me if Intel HD 4000 graphics can play BF3 and those specs @ 1600 x 900?
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    Nope, HD 4000 is terrible compared to dedicated graphics. If it was a desktop i could give some recommendations but sorry. In a laptop you want anything better than a gt 650m to do anything properly decent.
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