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Hey guys, I posted once already on a different section but I'm gonna try here and see what answers I can get. I'm trying to play a game called Runescape on my new laptop. It has Nvidia GeForce Gt 640M , 8gb DDR3, 750gb HDD and i7 2670QM proc. It's the Acer V3-771G. Anyways, I have it on high power mode, connected to the charger, ethernet plugged in. But I only manage to pull 10-15FPS on this game :pfff: . The GPU activity says none, which leads me to believe using logic that it's not even working/on. So any ideas on what I can do? Any help is appreciated, Thanks :)
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  1. Are we talking the Runescape 2D game inside your webbrower ? Then no it won't use any video card, it's gonna CPU only based on the browsers. Some browsers use video cards feature but it's not the norm.
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