Monitor goes black after a period of playing games.

Hello, I put together a gaming pc for the first time ever last week.

CPU=i5 3750k
GPU=Gigabyte HD 7850
Motherboard=Gigabyte z77 D3H
PSU= PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Series 500W '80 Plus Bronze' Modular Power Supply

My issue is that I can't really play games properly whilst the gpu is installed. The games seemed to run fine with decent graphics, but every time, after a various amount of time (would depend on the game) the system would crash. The monitor would either display the 'no signal' display or go black (which would be accompanied by a buzzing sound). On some occasions the monitor actually had a stripey black/grey screen (accompanied with a buzzing sound).

I tested various games, from Far Cry 3 to Mount and Blade: Warband. Far Cry usually crashed within 15 minutes, whereas warband can last for around an hour. However, I've played Killing floor and that seems to have no issues whatsoever.

To try to resolve this I tried many different drivers, used atiman, swapped out the psu, raised the Dram to 1.55v, checked the pcie clock, checked the temps, it doesn't seem to be any of these things.

Someone has suggested that I should raise the voltage being delivered to the gpu, but two things- I'm worried this will void my warranty (will it? I can't seem to find out) and I can't even find a way to do this. Afterburner doesn't seem to want to, after changing the settings and .cfg file, it still doesn't even display my voltage.

So can anyone suggest where to go from here? I'm completely lost.
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  1. can anyone help?
  2. check the temps of you graphics card - sounds as if its overheating
    causes are poor airflow - often by your case being blocked in, or dust, or lack of fans to start with
    you do not need to adjust anything else, (drivers voltages etc - it they are the problem you would be seeing stuttering and graphical artifacts but not screen shutdown. (tho you may see artifacts if its overheating)
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