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Computer Freezing When Video Card is Under Stress

I just upgraded by PC by installing a Core i7 3770k and an Asus Sabertooth z77. I kept my old GTX 560 Ti for the time being.

Before I upgraded I OC'd my card just a bit. I re-downloaded MSI Afterburner after I installed the components and re-installed windows to check if the clock speeds changed. They had, so I went to go push them back up, slowly of course.

I start off with the Memory pushing it up 50 mhz then ran a 5 minuts GPU burn-in on furmark. Temps after about 3 minutes were holding at about 79C then the whole system freezes. So I restart then try using unigine heaven just to see if it was a fluke, ran fine for a good few minutes then freeze, same story with kombustor.

Now I understand I could have messed up my card, that I'm not totally stumped about, what is really perplexing me is that every time I restart after it happens the first reboot it freezes during start up, but then it starts booting up fine.

All my temps are within 25-30C when idle according to Asus's monitors so I doubt it's from overheating, is it just a video card problem or could something else be wrong?

Oh I forgot to mention that I returned it to factory settings and re-seated, then I booted up skyrim for a fourth test and it froze up the computer again.
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  1. I wouldn't mess with memory until after I nailed down the core clock.

    However, it seems you are having problems at stock settings now too.

    What voltages were you running to get 79 degrees with a simple 50mhz memory clock bump? That temp seems way high for such a mild bump. It sounds like a really hot room or really high voltage.
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    What PSU are you using?

    core i7 and GTX 560ti require a good 600 watts PSU at least.
    Might be your earlier processor was using less power compared to core i7 so your system was stable earlier.

    one of the prime reason for freezing is the incompatible power supply and the symptoms are, system freeze at full load making buzzing sounds and has to be forced reboot.

    In my openion i would recommend you to underclock your GPU by 25% just for testing purpose.Underclocking will reduse the power requriment and your system may run stable.

    try it and see if it works and post your result.
  3. start by making sure the asus mb and ram settings are fire. i have the sabertooth mb make sure you have the 1616 bios. a few of the bios updates were for cpu code.ram code and video cards and usb devices. make sure your running the asus mb in standard mode. if you click over clock mode it changes the ram to fsb timing to a 1:5 ratio that can cause lock up. make sure under ram speed xmp mode is turned on and the mb and ram speed is read right. in the bios make sure pci bus mode is set to auto. there is a plex chip on this mb it can do both pci 3.0 and 2.0 mode in auto. if you think there an issue with that plex chip set the pci speed mode to 2.0. in the video settings if your not going to use the onboard intel chipset turn it off. on the software side the mvp software that used to bond the intel and a gpu is buggy. if you installed it boot into afe mode and remove it. if your using it make sure you download the new version online and the newest intel cpu video chipset drivers.
  4. I never changed the voltages, I'm kind of new to overclocking and I was following wolfram's guide. The PSU is a Thermaltake Tr2 600W, but I just ordered a Corsair HX750W. The stock setting of my card were Core clock of 880 mhz and memory clock of 2000mhz. Before I upgraded I had it at 930mhz and 2200mhz, but when I checked the speeds in Afterburner after I upgraded it was at 880mhz and 2100mhz. I was going to eventually SLI a second 560 ti, but I used this as an excuse to buy a 670.

    I will still make sure of all the settings in the bios because I want to make sure this isnt some other underlying cause. My computer was working fine until I tried to boost the card. I have also noticed that 3 out of 4 of my chassis fans are running at 300 rpm which I know is low, so maybe it could be that the PSU isn't putting out enough power.

    Edit: I just turned my computer back on and there is a loud buzzing fan noise, it was there before but I though it was the fan on my Hyper 212 Evo, but now I believe it is my PSU fan, so I think shoaibims may have been correct in thinking it's a PSU problem but I'm going to run more tests.
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