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Hi guys,

I'm gonna keep this one very straightforward... I have a zotac gtx 560 and want to overclock. First of all, what bench marking software should I use. Does anybody that owns this card have a good clockspeed plan? Also I have msi afterburner and have the stupid Zotac Firestorm. Also am i supposed to bring the clock up at intervals, or can i just jump to a certain speed?

Thanks :)
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  1. you can try using heaven unigine for benchmarking. you can use it for stability check as well if you don't want to run softwares like furmark or OCCT. about the core clock you can just enter any value you want but for the voltage you need to increase it using fixed interval that set by nvidia for your card.
  2. Ok great! However is it free software? Either way can you link the official website, to be safe? Thanks
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    the basic one is free to use. for the pro version you have to buy it:
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