1st build-no sound. Help!

Hi folks! Hope someone can help before I go insane. Just done my first build and everything works fine exept sound. Tried everything I know (not much); reinstalled card and drivers, tried different card and drivers, downloaded updated drivers, tried alternative pci slot.

No conflicts reported on system, speakers are ok, beep codes work, but still no sound! Tried both Soundblaster 1024 and old Trident 4d wave cards with same result.

System is:
OS; Win98
Pro; Athlon 1.2 (not clocked)
Mobo; Abit KG7 lite
Mem; 512mb DDR
Display; Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 (AGP)

Would be grateful for any info or ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Did you turn off the onboard sound in BIOS?
  2. Update the BIOS with the latest version, there is a fix in it which has to do with soundcard compatibility.
    Do both cards have some kind of 'soundblaster 16 emulation' if so, disable it in the control panel - system, and type REM in front of the lines which have to do with the soundcard in the autoexec.bat.

    Good luck.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  3. Thanks for the info and your quick response. It was really appreciated. Turned out to be a BIOS setting I had overlooked (about 27 times). I`m sure I will be calling on your expertise again. Cheers!

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