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I am building a new gaming computer and I, unfortunately, have gone over my budget, so I was hoping you guys could take a look at my parts list and see if you could advise me on parts I could replace to get the same/(better?) performance.

Case- ($149.99)

Processor- ($219.99)

Motherboard- ($241.99)

Video Card- ($319.99)

Power Supply- ($99.99)

RAM- ($84.99)

SSD- ($189.99)

Optical Drive- ($59.99)

Total Price- $1,366.92

My budget was $1000-1100, so any help is welcomed. ^_^

Edit 1: Added individual part prices.
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  1. I would get a much cheaper case.

    Also, your motherboard links to your GPU.
  2. Agreed, you can easily shave 75-100 off the case, and get a 7970 ati gpu for better price/perforance at the moment and use 12.11 beta drivers until whql
  3. all the above plus

    use 2 x4 gig of 1600 Mhz RAM

    and decent Z77 motherboard costs about $120 and will perform the same and one costing twice as much
  4. The 7970 is about $80 more. Is it worth it, I mean I am already over budget.

    Even with a cheaper case I would be breaking even with this different card.

    Though I do agree that I went a little overboard on the case. (Looking for a smaller/cheaper one now)

    Also, any links to newegg of parts you recommend would really help.
  5. I was planning on buying another card to run in SLI whenever my computer starts to lag in the performance department so I at least need to have a case that can handle two large video cards in SLI.

    Its hard to guess at which mid cases will fit SLI without getting really crowded.

    Do you guys know a nice case for around $100?
  6. sorry, card was on sale, made sense at the time

    new mobo look better price wise, no need for $200 when trying to lower your budget
  7. Okay I went with the ASRock Motherboard that Sunius found, but I still need help with a good case. It needs good cooling;with space for future SLI.
  8. What colors do you prefer?
  9. Sunius said:
    What colors do you prefer?

    I like everything, so long as it isn't monotone.

    Anything that's different from the normal.
  10. Also I like side windows
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