BF3 in surround on Ultra sli 690 lag

New System Build
Thermaltake Level 10 case
Coolmaster pro 1500W power Supply
Gigabyte X79-UP4 Mobo
Core I7 3820
Revo 3 SSD 480GB
Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme Performance 8 GB DDR3 2400 x 2 for 16GB total
2 X EVGA GeForce GTX690 Signature 4096MB GDDR5 512bit in SLI
Windows 8 Pro
Nvidia Driver 306.97
I am connected to 3 Asus vg278h 3d monitors and am trying to play bf3 in 3d

For some reason this monster can not handle bf3 in surround mode on ultra? What gives? I bought this setup to play bf3 on ultra in 3d surround.... please help!?
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  1. Try using windows 7. I don't think Windows 8 is fully debugged and fully compatible with most drivers. I could be wrong but it's worth a shot. Also why spend all that money on gfx and ssd and ram when you cheap out with the processor, the 3820 is by no means a "gaming" processor.
  2. Maybe upgrade cpu and sli 690 setup shouldn't lag at all i am not sure that is the problem but something is messed up because that's not likely example
  3. kk will do thanks guys :D i figured it was the processor.
  4. No problem bud sounds good good luck!
  5. Quote:
    the 3820 is by no means a "gaming" processor.

    Huh? Where'd you come up with that?

    The 3820 is an LGA 2011 processor... maybe in the future he wants a 3930K or 3960X. Either one would contribute to his system well. And before you say anything about Z77 notice he has a revodrive and 2 690's. PCIe bandwidth is key.

    LGA 1155 = 16 lanes, dual channel
    LGA 2011 = 40 lanes, quad channel
  6. So I updated the process or to a 3930K but its still lagging pretty bad in BF3 on ultra... what gives man!? i even enabled PCI 3.0
  7. Switch to windows 7. THe drivers aren't perfect yet in windows 8.
  8. RMA your 690's honestly it's not possible unless your cards are not working properly i have two 670's they don't lag.Your cards are more powerful then mine so i don't see hows it's possible.
  9. Also you should overclock your cpu to 4.5GHZ
  10. okay so i have windows 7 installed on a Sata SSD on a 6GB sata port... Still terrible lag when playing ultra in 3d and terrible studdering every 5 - 15 seconds on 2d Ultra ... Card is @ 4.5 GHz and ram is at 2400 WTF is w this system! ARRRGGG is it so much to ask to play bf3 in hd !!!?? lol also tried using afterburner to clock the cards up an extra 60hz and force a constant voltage. I also have changed the settings to prefer max performance in the nvidia graphics menu.
  11. so I have been doing more research and apparently the ports you use may need to be specific ports depending on the card. Somewhere on a forum someone pointed me to the nvidia sight where they show a graphic of how to plug in for a 3 screen sli setup. Apparently you need to use the display port as the third output. If you are going to port it to DVI for a standard monitor an ACTIVE converter is needed. I ordered one and it will be here saturday. Will keep posted with results. Also checked each card individually and they both seem to work fine on their own running bf3 on ultra. Hopefully all will be smooth sailing soon and maybe even on windows 8 :D
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