Upgrading computer - AMD A-Series A6 3670K vs athlon x3 450

***Sorry, incorrect title. I do mean the "Athlon II X4 640"

Hi there,

I'm looking to upgrade the house general PC to be able to play 1080p video's.

I was going to buy:

Athlon II X4 640 - 3.0 Ghz

GeForce 1GB GT 610

But would this:

AMD A-Series A6 3670K

Do the same job but cheaper?

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  1. vote for amd a6 for power consumption wise

    rendering HD video is just a piece of cake for this chip. just dont expect it to play any game higher than angry birds lol
  2. Thanks for your reply,

    That's great to know. All I want is for it to play blu-ray movies without freezing and stuttering like my current pc. Angry birds will be enough for me.

    I currently have this PSU:

    Will this still be alright? I won't be overclocking.
  3. Yeah the A6 would do the same job for less. I'd go for that. That PSU has more than enough power for either of those setups.
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