Graphics card crashing when watching youtube vidos

Hello, Whenever i watch youtube videos my graphics card crashes. It doesn't happen all the time but i can play games etc without a problem?

I have the latest drivers, There's no overheating problems. My PSU is 500w and the gpu needs 450-500 minimum but its only youtube videos.

Help would be much appreciated, Thanks!

PC Specs:

AMD FX(tm-4100 Quad core processor
Asus 7770 2GB
500w PSU
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  1. We need to know your PSU model. It might be the culprit there, because it might now powering the card correctly.

    Also, try reinstalling your video card drivers and Adobe flash player, if you have one.
  2. He does say he can run games without a problem.

    Try disabling or enabling hardware acceleration. (Right click video>Settings>Enable Hardware Acceleration)

    If it is hardware acceleration, it usually means it is your Adobe Flash Player.

    The easiest thing to do is try a different browser. Try Chrome instead of Firefox or vice versa, which ever you are using.
  3. If that so, Adobe flash player is the culprit. Try Daeder's advice.
  4. I'll try all the things now and see if it fixes the problem. Also im not sure of the model it doesn't have any name on it but im getting a new PSU Soon anyway.
  5. Make sure it from a reputable manufacturer. Antec, Corsair, SeaSonic just to name a few.
  6. Yeah im thinking of getting the Corsair Gaming Series GS700, Hopefully.
  7. Right so i tried enabling/disabling the hardware acceleration and that didn't do anything it still crashed i changed to Firefox and haven't come across any problems yet.
    So maybe it was chrome causing it, i didn't have any problems with my old GPU on chrome tho.
  8. That is strange. Firefox isn't crashing but Chrome crashes but not with your old GPU setup.

    Or I mean Firefox has yet to crash.
  9. Well what happens is it just blank screens then the computer restarts, also i've noticed it mainly happens on full screen.
  10. Does it happen anymore Zirah?
  11. On firefox no but chrome yes
  12. So all is well temporarily.
  13. I've been using chrome all day and it hasn't crashed once surprisingly.
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