My computer won't show anything

First, I'm a totally newbie when it comes to computer.

I just bought a Gigabyte 7950.

The box came in with two of these

The card has 2 PCI-E 6-pin slots.

So I figured it out to plug two PCI-E cable from the PSU to the card.

When everything is done, I powered up my computer but I don't see anything.

I tried to remove 1 cable from the card ( 1 PCI-E cable left that still plugged with the PSU )

Then everything run great. I booted to windows, install driver and .... the computer didn't recognize the card. It still says Standard Video Graphic in the Dxdiag configuration.

Then I disable the onboard VGA, reinstall the GPU's driver in the disc but nothing helped.

Anyone can guide me how to solve this problem ?
Must we use both the PCI-E connector to power up the card? Or 1 is enough? And why I can't see anything when using both the connector?
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  1. Problem solved..... with the help of my brother even though we are an ocean apart. I feel so stupid now

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