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I have an old system that I'm mounting into a new case (CoolerMaster k350). I had some problems installing the graphics card onto my motherboard because of the case design. I would have to push the motherboard to the right (away from the I/O panel) so that the graphics card could be pushed in all the way. I managed to solve this by screwing the graphics card in before installing the motherboard screws, and then installing the motherboard screws (it was a little tight since the board was pushed to the right a bit, but they screwed in fine). The problem is, now I can't install the mobo screws that go under the graphics card! The rest of the screws are all in place (the top row and bottom row), but the middle row i couldn't install. Would it be ok to leave the mobo like this and not install the middle 3 screws? btw this is an ATX board
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  1. The use of the screws to hold the motherboard in place. At your situation, as long as the motherboard is in place it is okay. But take note on the metal contacts with the motherboard.
  2. if by "metal contacts" you mean the risers, then they have all been installed. if that's not what you meant, then can you please clarify? thanks
  3. Does it run OK like that? If so you're probably all right. You don't need all the screws in to function.
  4. I was thinking about the standoffs on the points that you didn't screw, better remove it if it is still there so it wont pinch directly on the board if it isn't align. But if it is okay, nvm what I just said.
  5. I think it's better to leave the standoffs under the board where you can't fit screws. That keeps it from flexing when messing with memory, cards, and other stuff.
  6. That was I was thinking too but if it is pincing on the board itself not on the metal part I will think twice.
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