A way to use 2 Sata II for 1 Sata III

So I got an OCZ Agility 4 for Christmas but today I found out that my custom built gaming PC does not have any Sata III (6Gb) connectors on the motherboard (not what the builder told me). They are all Sata II. Well I have 4 connectors and 3 devices. Is there no setup to use 2 Sata II (3Gb) connectors to connect to one SATA III device?

I know there are PCI-E 4x cards that provide SATA III connectors but I'm worried about the card blocking air flow to my GFX card. (which is overclocked with OC2/MSI Afterburner)

I just feel stupid having a SATA III SSD and people asking what my WE score is and the only thing below 7.5 is my disc drive sitting at 6.7.
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  1. NO

    there will be slight difference putting single ssd on sata 2 or 3

    raid 0 2xssd is another case :)
  2. Sata 2 support Sata 3 devices.insert ssd in Sata 2 install is in new ssd now see the difference.
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