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I have been doing a lot of research and i have decided to purchase an EVGA GTX 570 HD 2.5GB to put into my mac pro. Many articles i have read confirm that this card fits perfectly and runs very well. My MP is 4,1 and currently has a GT120 which i will be keeping in, and my display is the 24" cinema display.

Could somebody please help me out with the connectors/adapters i will need? ie things such as the connection to the display and the power supply.

Also this may be a silly question, but can i still plug the display into the GT120 or will this make a difference?

Thank you very much for any help, it is much appreciated.
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  1. Mac Pro = Waste of money, simple as that.
    But seeing as you already have one, i'd say go for a GTX 670 really as it has lower power usage and better performance.
    Although we all know macs aren't made for gaming so really a true Mac would benefit more from a £3000 nVidia Quadro.
    Just saying :3
  2. Or an £800 quadro xD
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