Recently brought the Vapor x 3gb 7970 after retiring from service the 6870 i had in, i knew the card needed 2 x 8 pin connectors and i had the correct PSU (arctic pro 850w) to cope. The only problem is that once slotted in the x16 (Tried the rest as well) the VGA LED stays on, the MOB then gives one long beep followed by 3 shorter ones, i cant for the life of me figure out the problem, all components are working fine, once the 6870 is back in everything's fine. Would installing the 7970's drivers before installing the new card work, would the BIOS effect it at all?? please help would love to test the new card tonight!!

Cheers Matt
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  1. Hi guys

    I have a 7970 which isnt displaying at the moment, i know i have correct power cables for it but still wont work, i want to try another set but i cant find any to buy, my PSU has 2 spare pci-e connections which are 8 pin, the GPU is 2x8 pin. Does a thing exist as a 8 pin male and 8 female pci e connector?
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    No 7970 Ghz vapor 3gb DIPSPLAY
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