Lg external hdd hxd5 usb 3.0 500gb is now 31 gb

hi, i have a big problem.. i don't know how this happends..
i have a lg external hdd hxd5 usb 3.0 500gb. and now i see on the windows 31 GB.. -_-

can anyone help? it was before 460gb
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  1. So what happened right before you noticed this? Is it possible that you actually used up so much space without noticing?
  2. Well i figured the issue.. i had windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, before. then i installed windows 8 pro 64 bit, and i made a backup, so i don't lost all my files etc. and then i used it on my lg external hdd. so then it happend.. 31 GB..... i used my hdd on another pc. still the same size.. 31 GB. i formatted, and again the same.. 31 GB...

    i don't know what to do...... ;(
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