AMD FX-8120 new build problem?

I recently started building and servicing computers, mainly desktops but the odd laptop and my roommate asked me to build this system for him(about a month ago now) and he recently told me that while watching Youtube videos and a movie that the computer just freezes, hence a reboot. First, here are the pertinent specs:
CPU-AMD FX-8120 8 core processor
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB
RAM: Corsair DDR3 1333Mhz 8GB (2x4gb)
Power Supply: a new Coolermaster Extreme Power 500watt
Hard Drives(2): 1-500 GB W.D. Blue 16MB cache (primary with Win 7 and software programs), 1-1000 GB W.D. Blue 16MB cache(secondary-used for storage-movies, music etc).
Now after putting it all together, of course I updated all the drivers and ran a few tests (memtest, futuremark and others) and it ran perfect. Also told him to update windows 7 anytime windows updates needed updated (sorry for using the same word over and over lol) I read that the AMD FX processor line uses a "patch" in Win 7...could that be what causes the random freezing and it needs that patch? Or could it be something as the power supply not being that great (I know it's a Coolermaster 500 watt). I welcome all responses.
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  1. If your HDD is WD scan it with this program

    Check temperatures
  2. So butremor...could it possibly be bad sectors on the hard drive? I hadn't thought of that scenerio but I suppose anything is possible. I actually was starting to believe the 500 watt Coolermaster power supply isn't strong enough to properly run everything.
  3. Maybe bad sectors, maybe not, but worth checking out.

    500W psu should be enough for that build, but thing is CM are not very good at PSUs.
    If you have some other brand psu lying around swap it with CM and see how it goes
  4. if it is only happening when watching a video/media update flash and the codecs. i have doubts about hardware issues.
  5. Was having similar issues, and the solution I found was that my 500 watt power supply was not sufficient. In fact the bare minimum for a build like this is 750 watts. Now that's the minimum so take it or leave it. You can download a couple programs to check and make sure. Also go into your bios(del on startup) and it should tell you how your power is operating and what temps your cpu is at. Higher temps can be 2 different things, 1)not enough power makes it run hotter. 2) improper cooling-need more fans or cpu cooler. Sounds though like it's the first to me.
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