Why does my pc restart itself with a blue screen?

HI I AM TAHMID,I bought a new pc with specifications of
CPU:Intel core i3 2120 3.30 Ghz
PSU:600W (dont know the name but its good)
WINDOWS 7 64 bit
I brought this cpu anly 20 days ago so its completely NEW.i am a gamer so i play games upto 8 or 10 hours without facing any problems.Everything was going well then my cousin bought me 3 awesome games:MAX payne 3, BATTLEFIELD 3.Before installng max pane 3 it suggested me to disable the anti virus but i didnt put much attention to it so i installed.before finishing the installation my computer restarted itself with a blue screen.after that i reinstalled the game by disabling my anti virus.EVERY worked fine.I was filled with joy.Then after 3 or 4 days all my joy was broken to pieces. again my pc restarted itself with the same old blue screen not one time but several times if kept my pc standby.the confusing thng is when i play nax payne 3 mi pc never RESTARTS itself.now ti tried every method to fix my pc but it still crashes with a blue screen after 4 minutes.i ran ccleaner,malware,registry cleaner. still all my efforts went in vain.also i uninstalled many unwanted programs but stil the problem remains. now i am hopeless.MY anti virus caught some viruses so i removed them but my pc still has the same problem.i want help from all of u.please help me
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  1. Switch to Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast if you can.
    I have bad experience with Norton Anti Virus in the past.
    I run games from steam and I use Avast as my Anti Virus and no issues so far.
  2. Hi, I really need some help. 1 year and like six months ago, I bought a laptop with the folowing specifications:

    HP pavilion notebook Pc dv6
    Intel(R) Core(TM( i7 CPU Q720 @1.60GHz
    RAM: 4.00 GB (2.93 usable)
    64 bits
    1GB Ati Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics DirectX11.

    Six months ago I had to change the motherboard because my laptop was the slowest thing ever, and often it crashed. The first time I had troubles with my laptop was when I installed and ran COD and Warcraft. It started with a few blue screens, and then it was imposible to work with my laptop

    Well, after the new motherboard I bought an external fan and haven't had any trouble until now: Las week I installed an ran the game Borderlands 2 in my laptop, the game wasn't running and two day after that again a blue screen appeared, now I'm afraid of loosing my laptop, and google chrome doesn't run like it did before.

    My question is why if my computer have those specifications I can run perfectly any game that I want?
    And that if exists any link between running these games and the crash of my computer?
    What can I do?
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