Question about picking a Graphics card.

Hello everyone!! I have midi tower with some really old motherboard and cpu (MSI K9N NEO V3 [motherboard]::AMD ATHLON 64x2 2,81GHZ [CPU])

So I would like to know what kind of GPU this system will support.

Thank you for you time, Andrew.
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  1. What model is your power supply?
  2. oops forgot to tell you that I have no power supply too so I will buy that as well.
  3. Then it depends on your budget. I'd personally recommend getting a Antec VP-450 or Corsair CX 430 power supply unit and an HD 7770 graphics card.
  4. this card looks nice. What I wanted to know however is what this motherboard support. Can I install any card I want?
  5. Any PCIe card so long as the power supply is able to deliver enough power and has proper connectors and/or adapters where necessary.
  6. ok Thank you all for the replies. I hope you are all well and safe :) .
  7. Glad to help.
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