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I was looking to buy a new graphics card because my current one just doesn't do the job anymore. After some research I bought one that would be good. I bought the MSI N440GT MD1GD3. My current computer's specifications are:
As you can see I do have some basic stuff in my PC but I'm happy with it.

So now my problem.
I tried installing the new graphics cards and everything goes fine. Computer boots up using my onboard graphics. Windows recognizes the graphics card and starts downloading the latest drivers. After the installation, which goes just fine, the setup prompts to restart my computer. This is where things go wrong. It shut's down and begins booting up again, but when it tries to load windows 7, it restarts itself and begins all over. It's immediatly after this screen that he reboots:

The only way to make my pc work again is booting in safe mode (nothing bad happens then) and uninstalling the driver. I don't know if this is a hardware or a software problem. I've double checked the system requirements of the card but I think it should work. (unless I'm missing something)

Things I tried already:
- Uninstalling all my current graphics drivers and then trying to install the card.
- Disabling the automated driver install and installing the driver from the nvidia site (also tried this with the drivers on the included cd)
- Updating all my other drivers including my Bios.

I also noticed after some time that after the crashes a BSOD flashes on the screen. I found this on my computer but I couldn't get a thing out of it. dmp-file

I'm fearing that the problem some incompatibility is that I overlooked.

I hope you guys can help me.
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  1. What is your power supply unit? Are you plugging your monitor to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  2. I have a 500W power supply unit. And yes I plugged my monitor to the graphics card. My onboard graphics don't have a connector. When I have no graphics driver installed I can still work with my pc trough the connector of my graphics card.
  3. Are you able to try the card in your friends PC? It might be faulty.
  4. Hmm I can't immediatly think of someone who would be able to do this, but I could ask around a bit. I could also bring it back to the store where I bought it.
  5. You should do that. The only reasons why it should be behaving like that would be not enough power supply unit (which isn't the case here) or a faulty card.
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