Sapphire 7870 Not detecting second monitor

I just bought a new Sapphire 7870 GPU for my home built PC. Before I installed the new GPU, the computer has been running fine with a dual monitor setup using the integrated GPU for years.

After the install I am running one monitor with a dvi cable and the other with an HDMI-VGA adapter. The monitor with the adapter is not being deteted. Is there anything I could do to force a signal to be sent to the hdmi port?

I downloaded all the latest AMD catalyst yesterday. Is there any way to resolve this matter, I really need to dual monitor for work.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I am thinking that maybe the card does not recognize the second monitor because I am using the adapter cable.

    I have the following motherboard

    and I read in the instruction manual that I can setup ATI hybrid CrossfireX so that I can use the onboard graphics unit. Will this slow down the computer and benefits of the new gpu?
  2. Connect the VGA-Monitor to the DVI-port with the adapter that came with the card and connect the other monitor either to the HDMI or display port with an adapter or a cable with the right plugs. The DVI-I port has the analog VGA signal already and all the other ports are digital and basically only need the right plugs.
  3. The problem is I don't have any HDMI or Mdp ports on my monitors. Just DVI and VGA.
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