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Is my psu powerful enought for my radeon 6570 HD

Hi guys.
I recently bought an Gigabyte radeon 6570 (GV-R6570C-1GI)
My previus GPU (nvidia 8400 gs) Failed (after 5 years).
I now have strange issues with my current gpu. Random lag spikes in games, graphical issues and such.
These problems exist from the first day i bought it.
Some words about my system:
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1
Intel Pentium E2160 @ 1.80GHz
2,00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 334MHz (RAM)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. VM900M (Socket 775) (motherboard)
A single optical drive for cd/dvds
A cheap realtek network card
And a cheap tv card
and of course:
AMD Radeon HD 6570 (Gigabyte).
I tried reinstalling drivers by cleaning system with drive sweeper and drive fusion. Formated twice. Re-placed GPU and still having problems.
So i though it is either the card damaged (and i will ask for a replacement) OR my psu is crappy.

PS:with my previus gpu i didnt had any graphics issues or had that kind of lag spikes.
I mean Yes it was laggy but not that way.
I had no lag spikes only low fps (20fps-)
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  1. There is no reason why it would not work.
  2. so it had to be the graphics card?
    I will have to get a replacement?
    I just cant think of a reason for this LAG!!
    IT is like SMOOTH gameplay LAG, SMOOTH-LAG
    and while there is post proccesing everthing is blank or pixelated
  3. Oh no the spikes are related to the system as a whole

    though not an enthusiast card the 6570 is a beast when compared with your old 8400GS

    now that your gpu has improved so greatly the rest of the system is lagging
  4. your psu is ok as hd 6570 not consume more power. the problem is with your processor it is not enough to match need atleast dual core or core 2 duo 2.8 or 3.0 ghz
  5. Ok i got it i will lag.
    2 questions now
    Why i lag more than before.
    Why i have graphics glitches ( i am uploading a video you will soon understand what i mean)
  6. Best answer
    there is lag because there is big difference bettween 8400 and 6570.hd 6570 is more powerful than 8400. try lowering your settings or save money and get good proccessor
  7. so i lag because i upgraded my gpu from a crappy one to a better one?
    Anyway XD. I will have to buy a new motherboard for a new proccesor.
    And i dont have a lot of money for such things (how much would the cheapest motherboard would cost?) (socket lga775 is dead no store has such proccesors)
  8. no need for new motherboard. your mobo can support upto Core™ 2 Extreme QX9770 .you need to upgrade only proccessor.socket 775 is old but is good for home use .iam also using 775 with intel dual core 3.00 ghz
  9. i also reccommend you that test your gpu with your friends pc who has good system to find out is there any defects in gpu
  10. My main point is that i cant find it anywhere.
    I cant find any shop selling them XD.

    (about your second post: ... no comments XD if i do that at a friends PC he will blame me for sure that i damaged his pc and every future problem will be caused by me XD)

    HEY GO watch the video
    it is uploaded now.
  11. go to online store you will get there and please check your gpu in other good system
  12. ok after watching your video i think your gpu is all right. just upgrade your cpu
  13. Wait now your motherboard can support a moderate overclock please try that first.
  14. it doesnt support overclock unfortunately.
    No option in bios.
    But even if it was possible my cpu would catch on fire.
    it is 40 and idle 50C while playing.
    (So guys these blank screens are caused by the CPU?)
  15. yes it is cpu but if you have doubt run that gpu in other system to see and confirm the problem is cpu. do not fear about that gpu will kill your friends pc. just test it
  16. Who said that i am afraid , i am not afraid of damaging his PC i am afraid of him (also we have the same PC _all of my other friends use laptops or SUPER OLD pcs (you know with cd 700mb support only)
  17. ok.just upgrade cpu
  18. Thank both of you guys.
    I am currently searching for a cheap CPU :)
  19. after finding cpu just update your new cpu specs in this page
    First product is a CPU that is in my machine. I use it for Video Editing. It's a BEAST. For 100$ you can't go wrong! :D
  21. i dont think i will find any...
    The remaining LGA 775 proccesor cost way too much.
    Are used
    the shops stopped selling them.
    (even the most famours web page for shopping {searches a lot of shops} cant find anything lga775 other than coolers.)
    (even worst problem is that i dont have a gredit card and i am not willing to get one. Anyway thank you for showing me that one)
  22. Ok here is a tricky question i just though of.
    Ok while in game the cpu is stressed blablabla.. and i have these strange graphical issues. But what about while in games?
    My cpu usage is about 80% and i still have issues.
    Everything is shown blurry and pixelated as you saw at the beginning of the video.
    How can this be explained.
  23. from which country your are?
  24. Greece
    these re the supported CPU's for my motherboard according to gigabyte
    although my gpu is 1066 MAX fsb it shows even 1333.
    Anyway i will ignore them
  25. give me website in which you looked for new cpu
  26. ok i wiil tell you in 20 minites
  27. I really appriciate your help.
    Thank you for aiding me.
  28. i just find only one cpu but that is very heavy bugdet:

    are there any othere store?

    i think you should buy new mobo-cpu combo if you can"t find 775. look for cheap combo
  29. it is not supported by my motherboard unfortunately it is 1333 mhz FSB mine supports 1066 MAXIMUM.
    Oh and nice price too cheap for me i want something way more expensive...
    (No if this one doesnt have it then you cant find it anywhere else{ searches for a product in almost every available store at Greece}.)
    Probably i have to find a new combo because this
    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Box
    what a shame... :'(

    i need something cheap. and combatible with the rest of my system has a lot of cheap ones
    (which is most cheap AMD or Intel?)
  30. it depends just go with intel are you sure that is doesnot supports. but according to gigabyte cpu support list it should. just search it in google
  31. it is not in supported list.
    If you have a look at the top of it it sais N/A mean it is not supported
    and this card has a N/A
  32. ok iam going to as iam from india here is 12.00

    i will see you tommorow just find new combo and update tommorrow
  33. Good night dude i am searching :)
  34. Just one more issue that i have
    it happens when i open Catalyst control center.
    I have to reboot in order for it to go away
  35. So thats a total of 130 Euro. :)
    I will keep that combo in mind thank you.
    I will keep searching.
    (will this motherboard support my ddr2 ram or it needs dd3 only?)
  36. it supports only ddr3
  37. Can someone tell me Why is this happening!
  38. what about other games? bulletstorm has many bugs.
  39. crysis gives a black screen while critical hp
  40. do you have latest driver and direct x
  41. Yes and Yes.
    I tried with old /latest/beta
    And directx Fully updated (the problem is still there after formatting twice)
  42. i think you should create new thread regarding your gaming problems. sorry i can't find any solution .make new thread
  43. :) i already have i had no answer for more than 4 days
  44. Best answer selected by martirio3000.
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