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Hello all,

I stumbled upon this particular forum by looking for ATX gaming builds, and looking through the answers here there are some very nice builds and suggestions.

I would like to solicit ideas/suggestions for an upgrade. Currently I have a Dell XPS 720 that I am playing WoW on, and would like to upgrade the performance of it to run higher frame rates and detail. I also do some slight Photoshoping and MP3 editing with the same machine, although gaming is the biggest use.

The machine currently has:

Intel Core2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz
4.00 GB RAm installed (only 3 available due to 32 bit XP)
NVidia GE-Force 8800GT video card with 512 MB
Seagate ST3320620AS 320 GB drive as primary, dual Seagate ST31500341AS 1.5 TB drives mirrored for storage (digital photos there, backed up to an external drive then cloud storage - lost a bunch once and never again. :) )

I have onhand a Crucial m4 256GB SSD that is 6.0 GB/s I can put in, if it will give adequate performance.

Wanting to use the current case and as much guts as I can, but still get the performance I am seeking. Don't need a KB/mouse/monitor.

Can you throw out your suggestions for the biggest bang for the buck upgrades? I would like to stay around 5-600 bucks if possible, even less is better.


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  1. Upgrading branded system is waste of time and money.
    also core2duo is power saving processor so it is slower than dualcore .your mobo don't accept above processors and psu is not enough for upgrading .
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    So my advice sell the system with only 320gb hdd after backup .got sum money from that then
    assemble a new system with 3-5 years warenty.
  3. Points taken, hytecgowthaman. What I was trying to say, but didn't get across, was that I like the case design. Anything else I can save (drives, DVD-Burners, etc) I will. Mobo/PSU/RAM etc. can all be chunked.

    I just like to recycle as much as I can.


  4. After selling ,then said how much money spend to new system .specifi dollar euro or rs etc...
  5. After selling ,then said how much money spend to new system .specifi dollar euro or rs etc...
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