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[Solved] Zotac GTX 670 Max Temperature issue


I have a Zotac 670 gtx with the reference card design. It's only about 6 months old and during stress it maxes out at 85 C. Is this normal, or too high for this card? I haven't overclocked it. I should also note that I have the latest NVidia drivers, but not the Zotac OC or fan control programs.

I have plenty of cooling on my rig, as my 44x processor overclock never gets above 60 C.

My specs:

i5 2550k
asrock extreme6
120 gb ssd
500 gb hd
8 gb ram
200mm intake fan
200mm + 120mm exhaust fans
Noctua NH-D14
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  1. depends on the card and air flow of your case. when you run a stress test your forcing the card to 100 percent load and 100 percent power. depending on the heat sink and fan of the vendor and how the gpu are binned some cards have better cooling then other. one thing on all gpu is is the fan and bios working right on the gpu. vendors if they use the standard nvidia firmware the fans run at 20-40 percent of max speed to keep the noise down. when the card gpu hit a heat set point the fan should be ramping up to it max speed. at 50c or hotter you should be able to hear the gpu fan. i would download open hardware monitor and msi afterburner. in open hardware monitor look at the gpu temp and fan speed. then go into msi afterburner and set the fan speed to max. you should hear the fan spin up. it should show that it max out in hardware monitor. if it not spinging up then i would do an rma for safety of your system. if the gpu fan does spin up put the gpu back under load and see if the temp get as hot as they did. if they start geting near the same rang try taking off the side panel of your pc case and see if the temps drop. if the temps do drop a lot then there an airflow issue. may want to see if you can put a fan on the side panel that would pull air in.
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    such temperature still acceptable for gpu. did you use auto fan setting? if so then try manually set the fan curve yourself under manual setting though you're going to need third party software for it such as MSI after burner.

    having fan curve profile can prevent the card to heat up too much because with auto setting the fan only speed up when the temperature reach to certain degree to keep the noise lower as possible. with the manual fan setting you can get the fan to spin much faster even at moderate temp to keep things cool. you can use the fan curve to find noise/temperature balance that suit you
  3. Thanks guys. I just installed afterburner and it's 10 degrees cooler now. Loud as heck, but i'll take it.
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  5. reference fan tends to be loud when the fan speed start going up. that's why some people look for card that can provide much quieter solution such as Asus DC or MSI Twin Frozr even it will cost them a bit more.
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