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Need advice on first rig/build

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December 27, 2012 2:47:45 PM

I did my homework and research but nothing beats experience (which I lack terribly) from those used to and have knowledge on rigs/builds.

Needed a PC for:
- Programming
- A little image and video editing
- Playing PC games; Strategy (dota2, SC2), FPS (CoD, BF3...), Diablo3 **note: i can live with average settings
- Running PSX/PS2 emulators on maximum settings
- Multi tasking between games and browsing the Internet, emails and stuff.
- Can handle Rainmeter and other software/apps that customizes.

This is what I've come up with:

- Budget of $900 - $1000
- I do not plan to Overclock
- I want to see this build live long
- Not sure if PSU wattage is adequate for the build
- Not sure if CPU choice is good
- Might add a monitor or two in the future

All suggestions, criticisms and comments are welcome. If possible, state why, why not where appropriate. Thanks very much!

[I'm writing this down on ask community widget thingy(?). Will it transfer to a thread later.]

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December 27, 2012 3:09:46 PM

Wow, fast replies. Thanks!

@AMD Radeon, about the ram, it's great that it's cheaper but would it affect (would the kit be faster/slower than 2x) the RAM performance in anyway?
- That PSU is awesome at that price. But the only concern that I have is the brand... I don't know much about the reliability of XFX. (Only Seasonic, Corsair and PC Power&Cooling stand out for me)

I kind of like the 410 case... but I'm not hell bent on it. I'm considering saving from the case and getting a wider monitor. I was originally afraid to get a wider one because I was approaching my budget mark.
December 27, 2012 3:16:31 PM

I read that 3570k works better for overclocking... which gave me a headache when I read up on how to do it. So I stayed away from it lol.

Considering the 3470 as well... coz cheap is me =P Any idea on the performance difference between 3570 and 3470? I've read that very little has improved between Intel chips these days because of lack of competition.