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Unistall integrated vid drivers before install new card?

O.K Super noob question(s?).

Do you need to uninstall integrated video drivers BEFORE installing new video card or drivers?

Also, if I'm relying on the integrated video and I remove the drivers, how will I see anything to install new card/drivers?

Haven't done anything to technical with a computer since the 90's (Dos 6.2.2 anybody?) so I'm kinda freaked out getting this advice from the card manufacturer.

Thanks for helping a re-noob, CHEERS!
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    Windows has default drivers. If you are now using a integrated video card and have install dirvers for it, then yes you would want to uninstall them, then shut down the computer and install the new card, then reboot and enter your BIOS and switch the add in card as your video out. boot up and install the drivers.
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