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I was reading a technology article predicting computer stuff for the next 4 years, and it got me to thinking about hard drive technologies. BTW that website is here, its an excellent read, I suggest everyone take a look:

In 3 years, when Serial ATA has hit the market and is some kind of standard, where will SCSI be? Will serial ATA be multitasking? If it has the bandwidth, and is multitasking, then hopefully it will be the newest, best, uniform hard drive/CD interface. If it is not multitasking and cannot provide the benefits that SCSI provides, then I see it as another consumer HD interface which no one will need because IDE devices (like today) won't be able to fill up all the available bandwidth anyway. Does anyone have any good predictions or info as to the near future of HD/CDrom interfaces?

-Phil Crosby
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  1. <i>when Serial ATA has hit the market and is some kind of standard, where will SCSI be? </i>

    Look at <A HREF="http://www.serialata.org/press/srvrio0201b.PDF" target="_new"> Page 7 </A> of this presentation. Ultra640 SCSI is almost here. The real question will be what will become of SCSI & FC-AL as there probably isn't enough room or both to survive, I suspect we will end up having a merged 1GB+/sec Fibre-SCSI solution.

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