Using Netgear wireless router with FIOS modem

Have Verizon FIOS Action Tec Modem/Router, which is HORRIBLE for wireless. Adding a Netgear WNDR4500 Wireless Router. I'm having trouble getting this setup to work. I would appreciate a step by step setup procedure. I want the Action Tec to ONLY be used as the FIOS modem, but all wireless activity to be handled by the Netgear.
I started by connnecting a cat5 cable from LAN port of modem to INTERNET or incoming port of Netgear. Then LAN port of Netgear to PC. Doesn't work. However if I attach and additional cat5 cable from LAN port of modem to LAN port of Netgear, then I have wireless connectivity. However, I can access only the Action Tec modem/router from browser, can't get into Netgear router. And I have turned off all wireless function of the Action Tec.

I realize I have to follow specific steps in setting IP addresses, etc...but would really appreciate the step by step instructions.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Bob Rock
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