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Old Microsoft Office 2003

My old Office 2003 is unable to work normally on new Windows 64 bit Dell. Old files (transferred from old computer) and New Documents created on new computer using Word fail to open immediately and require User Account action from winword.exe every time I try to open any document (several steps). Any way to resolve this short of buying Office 2010?
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  1. Did you install Service Pack 2 for Office 2003? Have you used MS Update to install the security updates? I haven't had any issues with mine on W7x64 Ultimate.
  2. Hi :)

    You DID install it from cd yes ???

    All the best Brett :)
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    Office 2003 works on my Win7-64 systems.
  4. Thanks for these replies. I checked properties and found I have SP3 installed (from a CD). Hearing that so many others have working progarams is encouraging. Do you also have Windows 2010 starter installed, or did you remove it (and was that before you installed 2003 or after).
  5. You should always uninstall any office trials or versions before installing another.
  6. Sounds like you just restricted the user rights a bit much, read this

    Change rights to lowest, if it works then, click up a notch, test again.
  7. Hi All,
    Thank you for your helpful replies. After analysis, I decided that this was all beyond me, and although I had already consulted Dell several times about this issue, and things only got worse, I tried once more. A sales supervisor at Dell went through and confirmed all your suggestions, but they were all in operation already. So back to the tech people. I turned my computer over to a sweet, knowledgeable young gal in Southern India who took over the computer and spent two hours checking out everything. She finally found a registry error (don't know what that means) and fixed it (something the previous three techs could not really do). Since then every program works correctly. Hooray!
    Thanks for all your advice
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