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PSU for 9800GT

Im looking to Buy a GeForce 9800GT and im wondering if my 365watt PSU would be Sufficient,my specs are :

100-240V ~ 5A 50-60Hz

365 MAX
+5.08V-- +3.33v-- +12V
19A 24A 12A

+12Vcpi-- -12V--- +5.08aux
14.5A 0.15A 3A

Maximum combined power of 5.08V
and 3.33V is 160W

I Have
1 MultiDVDRW/Lightscribe/DL Drive
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  1. sorry no.

    i doubt that PSU has a 6 pin power connection and with only 12 amps available on the 12 volt rail (the 14.5 one is for the cpu) it would not have enough power for the card let alone the hard drive motor.

    the 9800 is very old could you get a 7750?
  2. ya the power supply doesnt have a 6pin but im also buying a SATA to 6Pin PCI connector

    This is an All SATA Board so the Hard drive im using is from a Laptop WD BlueScorpio 320GB
  3. you do not want to use an adapter with that psu, like i said is does not have the power enough. a 7750 would run better it uses 1/3 the power or upgrade the PSU to a CX430.
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    Yeah a Radeon HD 7750 would be a better idea.
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