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Would These Parts Be Compatible?

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December 27, 2012 4:46:03 PM

I've finally decided to build a gaming computer, but I need some insight on whether or not these parts will work. The specs are currently as follows:

Intel i5-2500K Processor
500w Certified 80 PLUS Power supply
Seagate Barracude 2TB 3.5'' 7200RPM 6GB/s Hard Drive
Old, reused Samsung CD Burner (I will use a USB CD/DVD Burner that I already have for DVD's)
Antec Three Hundred Mid-Tower Case
Ripjaws 2x4GB (8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz RAM
Biostar TZ77XE3 ATX Motherboard
Extra 120mm Case fan which will be mounted in the case near the power supply
PNY GTX 660 Ti Graphics Card
802.11 300mbps PCI wi-fi card

I'm kind of on a semi-tight budget (~$650) so really all of the parts were on sale at Newegg, Tigerdirect, etc. I do not plan on ever overclocking (I only bought the i5-2500K because it was $150 at Microcenter) but do intend to upgrade my PSU and SLI the GTX 660 Ti's later. Will this game play almost all games maxed out, becauseI hope to be able to play online first-person shooters such as Battlefield 3 with at least an average of 40 FPS using a 1920x1080 resolution. Also, would there be any issues in terms of the PC working if the motherboard has USB 3.0 but the Antec Three Hundred Case only has 2 2.0 ports in front? Also, the 660 Ti requires 2 6-pins, but my power supply has one 6-pin and one 6+2 pin, so would it work? Thanks!

To note, I have already purchased the power supply, motherboard, extra fan case, hard drive, RAM, processor, and case, but not the graphics card (sells for $180) and Wi-fi card (My internet is capable of 300 mbps).

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December 27, 2012 5:37:28 PM

cball1311 said:
You would get high to ultra settings in BF3.

Scroll down a little on this article.,3297-7.html

As far as an SLI setup, you already messed up by ordering the power supply. You will need a minimum of 750W PSU from a good company (SeaSonic, Corsair, Cooler Master) that has 4 PCIe power connectors (or use molex adapters).

Thank you for the answer, but I stated that I would upgrade my PSU when I SLI my graphics cards. That way I can save some electricity :p 
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December 27, 2012 5:41:29 PM

Yep. Perfectly fine. Just tried to save you from having to buy 2 PSUs when you could have just purchased the SLI compatible PSU first.

And I forgot to answer your GPU power question. Yes. They will work just fine. The 6+2 has 2 break-away pins to leave you with a 6 pin connector (hence the name 6+2 :)  )