Will this 7950 fit into my cabinet?

I have a NZXT Gamma cabinet and I was hoping to get a Saphhire 7950 3 GB With Boost edition GPU. But I don't know if my cabinet has enough space to accommodate it. There is no way i can afford a new GPU along with a new cabinet at this moment and since I have already sold my old GPU, I need a new GPU desperately. If this isn't going to fit then can I fit a MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition into it? Although I am a little skeptical about PE because of all these overvolting reports.
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  1. It's goign to be a TIGHT squeeze depending on what that last half inch is on the graphics card. I'm not trying to persuade you away from anything but personally I wouldn't try it.
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    On paper this is what it says

    For the case:
    "High end graphics card support, the Gamma features space that is especially designed to fit longer 10." cards"

    And I found 5 variations of your card on newegg and the lengths go:


    So it looks like there is a half an inch of overlap. I'm going to say, it *may* be possible to cram it in there but on paper it's a no go. It's going to come down to the design of the card.
  3. Well this Saphhire 7950 3 GB with Boost is somewhere around 11.4"


    MSI GTX 660Ti PE= 10.4"

    So you would advice me not to take the risk then?
  4. i don't think the 7950 will fit of course you can always call customer service and ask or risk it worse thing that can happen you'll have to buy a new case
  5. I read this review of NZXT gamma (here is the link ) . In this review he has got this calbre gtx 260 card installed. I don't know it's dimesnions but it sure looks big. I had a ASUS GTX 560 installed in this case with about 1.5-2 inches to spare so i guess I will be safer with GTX 660Ti PE. How does a GTX 660Ti PE fair when compared to a 7950? I have no intention of using more than 1 monitor so gaming resolution will be 1920x1080. This rig is primarily for gaming purpose only.
  6. Here's the thing - I have a 670 in my Gamma Classic, and love it - no space issues.

    If you do have space issues, though, you know the hard drive bays that the I/O panel cables come through? You can remove those, and fit ANY card in there.

    EDIT: It will fit, but you might have to do a little modding the hard way. Personally, I'd go for it anyways.
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  8. Your welcome anytime bud it's no problem enjoy!
  9. thanks alot bigcyco1 for all your help and suggestions.
  10. rohit32407 said:
    thanks alot bigcyco1 for all your help and suggestions.

    Well I am stuck with the same cabinet and I have just ordered sapphire vapor-x 7950. Please inform me if the card finally did fit in the gamma cabinet without much hassle.

    Kind of urgent, would be nice if you reply quick.
    Thanks in advance.
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