To crossfire or not

Hi guys from South Africa I am building a rig solely for gaming and am on a tight budget. I want to should i crossfire or not here are my specs

cpu: AMD FX 6100
mobo: msi 970a-g46 crossfire and sli supported
memory: 4GB ddr3 1600 mhz
PSU: aerocool strike x 650w 80 plu
case: Raidmaster viper
HDD:1tb western digital caviar blue
GPU:Sapphire HD 7770 GHz edition 1 GB GDDR5

i might buy a second card in a month or 2 should i crossfire or just get a better card.

thanx in advance.
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  1. It's not worthwhile to crossfire midrange cards. You'd be better served by investing some extra money into a more powerful card such as a 7870
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