EVGA GTX 560 Ti overheating

I built this PC about a month ago and I haven't had any real problems with it until now. The heaviest gaming I'd done was Oblivion and Diablo III with no problems.

Now, when I tried playing Assassin's Creed (the first game) for the first time, within a minute or two (I haven't managed to get past the startup menu screen) the screen blacks out and the computer freezes.

I tried looking around for solutions and eventually downloaded MSi Afterburner and discovered through this that when I run a stress test or open Assassin's Creed, the GPU temperature climbs up to over 100C degrees in less than a minute. My idle temperatures seem to linger just above or below 60C, though I've had my PC running for a while and the weather is warmer today than it's been in a while so maybe that has something to do with it?

I tried leaving the case open (I don't have a desk fan on hand) and manually raising the GPU fan speed to 100 with no real change.

I recently began using a new larger (24") monitor but I don't know if that would have any bearing on the problem. I've been trying to dual screen with this monitor and my old one (around 20") and after a few minutes it causes the same problem, blacked out screen(s) and unresponsive computer.

Do I have a faulty card? I can't really seem to find any other explanation.
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  1. Is the card dusty?

    How is case airflow?

    You should probably reapply thermal paste.
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