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U am looking for a case for a Home-built desktop I am planning on building. This isn't my first rodeo but I can not seem to find a good case, that would fit in with my decor. I don't want a big bad gaming computer case that looks like it came from another planet (I already have one :D ). I just want maybe a plain black one, PSU is optional. I would prefer an ATX full tower, but a mid-tower would be okay. If you could help out it would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Full tower is pretty huge. Also, it seems like you don't really care for a flashy case. The Corsair Obsidian might do.
  2. Very nice case, I have a full tower at the moment and trust me size doesn't matter in this case. That would be perfect but its a little out of my price range. I would prefer under $100 if at all possible.
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