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Hey i dunno if someone had asked the same question but i couldn't find any relevant answer. I have a 6850 graphic card and now i have 2 samsung LED monitor. I plugged two dvi-vga cable into the graphic card, the graphic card only senses the first monitor and the other one showing "check signal cable". The graphic displayed is based on which cable plugged into the first output and the second output remains black.
When i try with one dvi-vga and one HDMI, both of the samsung monitors work fine.

p/s: i tried with samsung led with dvi-vga cable and one dvi-dvi to ACER LED, it works fine too... how could it be possible that the graphic doesn't work when i plugging into two samsung led with two dvi-vga cables.

note : my graphic card have 2 dvi and one hdmi output, my both samsung LED are vga input and my ACER is dvi input.

anyone had this experience before?
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  1. The graphics card supports only one VGA signal at a time, and that's your reason why it didn't work with two of them. Just use DVI-DVI or HDMI-HDMI cables :).
  2. really? well i had two Samsung LCD before i bought those LED monitors, and i had no problem with two dvi-vga cable, so do you think is the problem with the higher power consumption on LED monitors?
  3. I don't think so. Did you really have the same graphics card? I'm fairly certain that the HD 6850 cannot output two analog (VGA) signals simultaneously.
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