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I am having a problem with all my games minimizing during game play and on dirt showdown the game froze on screen then went black and game kicked in again but with no picture just sound has done it on F1 2012 to, custom built by myself Crosshair V Formula 990FX , AMD FX Unlocked 8 Core Bulldozer@8120 3.6, 16gig G-Skill RipJaw Ram@1600,GE Force GTX 560 TI Superclock Series Gigabyte, Corsair 750watt Psu, 2 OCZ Agility III 6Gb 120gig each ran in 0raid config, 1Tb Western digital, EK -H30 120 LTX High Performance Water Cooling Kit, ThermalTake Element T chassis 2 inlet fans at front 1 side and top exhaust as well as radiator, also having problems booting up sometimes, it will freeze when loading desktop i have to hard shut it down then it restarts havnt had no internet for 2 wks due to house move so on dongle would this interfere with my gaming side of things as as for ghames minimizing and freezing it only started since using a t-mobile 3g peice of *** modem, please help cant game tried everything temps are all very low even at full load cpu 37- 39 mb 24-26 gpu 38- 40.....please help
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  1. Power supply?
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