Please help getting sound from PC to TV

Sorry if this question seems simple, I've googled and googled for an aswer, but have had no luck.

I'm running a 6950HD in my box, using a DVI to HDMI adapter, and then out to the TV. I know this will not get me sound. I've read that you can use a Display Port to HDMI adapter to get sound if your mobo supports SPDIF, and I connect a cable from the mobo to the GPU.

Can anyone clarify all this for me? My motherboard is an Asus sabretooth P67, I'm guessing that's relevant.

My tv has no optical IN. The only audio in's are RCA and RGB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if I missed any relevant details.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You should be able to go into your cataylst settings and config your 6950 for sound through your HDMI cable I do believe.
  2. I find it very unlikely that there is a 6950HD out there without a hdmi port. Why don't you use that?
  3. I've got 4 DP and 2 DVI, and can find no options under catalyst to carry sound through HDMI..

    Just tried DP > HDMI and still have no sound through the TV

    any ideas?
  4. Sorry, rebooted, and all is well, thanks for the help guys.
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