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MSI GTX 670 & 660ti PE

I originally wanted GIGABYTE GTX 670 but the MSI has higher stock clocks and i probably wont be OCing the card.

So then i jumped ship and deciding to go with the MSI 670 but benchmarks are proving the MSI 660 ti PE has better performance in games like BF 3 and GTA IV..

i have the money for a 670 so there is no issue, but i was wondering if the $90 difference for the 670 is worth the spend.

i play at 1080 resolution

i have a Phenom II 955 OC to 4.0Ghz but will be upgrading to i5 in a year
650w PSU
8GB ram

games i play and will be in the future are BF3, Assassins Creeds, GTA, Skyrim, Far Cry 3, I'm real big on Arma.

I also heard GTX 7xx may come out around Q2 2013.. maybe i factor those in if i wait long enough, and maybe they force a price drop.

Any advice?
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    Haha i've been wondering the same thing about those cards so i've looked around a lot recently :P
    Honestly for what it's worth if you have the money get the 670 as it handles Anti-Aliasing a lot better than the 660ti.
    On the other hand you could opt for the 660ti and spend the extra money on, say, an SSD or i7 instead of an i5 but if you want pure performance i'd say go with the 670 though be warned you won't see a massive difference.
    Just so you know, with the 660ti power edition overclocking can surpass 670 performance!
    But as i said, if money isn't concerned - get the 670!
    Hope this helped! :)
  2. Though no doubt if you bought the 670 Power Edition you could get near if not level 680 speeds!
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