CPU and GPU not getting utilized by games


I've been noticing while playing GTA 4 (and for some other games as well) that my CPU and GPU are not being used to their full potential.

This causes serious lag spikes during gameplay and makes it less than enjoyable to play.

I notice the GPU (7970 Stock) hovers around 35% usage and the CPU (FX 8150 OC) isn't far off either

Is there anything I'm not trying here? I've read that using certain command lines can help improve performance for the game but have noticed little difference when trying it myself.

I'm open to any suggestions and would lave to see the game ran at its full potential.

I'm running the game on medium settings with the View distance at 90, detail distance at 80 and vehicle density at around 75.
Night shadows are turned off

latest drivers as of today's date, Nov/10/12

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. These people use the -norestriction, Vsync, and no OC to fix it.
  2. That FX processor is rubbish for gaming. Combine that with GTA 4 being a sloppy port and you have your problem. Try squirrelonfire's suggestion, though.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply's!

    So i tried everything and still nothing has changed :(

    the norestriction command seemed to work at first but then the gpu dropped to 30-35%.

    And yes the Fx is a ratty CPU and I'm disappointed with it.
  4. Then the FX is bottlenecking you badly and if you want to fix it, you need an Intel CPU.
  5. I wouldn't think so. If the CPU was bottlenecking the 7970, it should still be at more then 35% util. Almost seems like a bug in the game/OS where its not usually all the modules that the BD has. Any chance you are restricting cores in windows?

    I also noticed you said you were running win7 ultimate. I see this a lot, more so then ultimate should be used. I'm assuming you are using a hacked/downloaded copy. Might want to check for virus/rootkit on your OS. If your CPU is too busy running virus then you won't have the power for the games.
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    If the cpu not used over 80%, i doubt it bottle necked....

    I think it's more like bad code/port of the GTA itself....
  7. rdc85 said:
    If the cpu not used over 80%, i doubt it bottle necked....

    I think it's more like bad code/port of the GTA itself....

    That is a common misconception, actually gta 4 is utilizing only 3 of his cores worth, he is never reaching 80% utilization but is still bottlenecking because of the FX's terrible single core performance.

    It is a bad port on top of that.

    The fact is he is leaving a lot of the performance of the 7970 on the cutting room floor because of his cpu.
  8. Good point,
    So it will best to wait for game patch or something?

    I doubt changing the platform will worth the money, since the game it self problematic...
  9. Last time I played on a 6870 and 965 it hovered around 40-50, dropping a bit lower. Its FX, its rubbish at games.
  10. In that case,

    @OP u may wanna aim for FX 8320 or FX 8370 since it do not required mobo change, and at tom's review it better than phenomII....
    or u can build new platform and go with i5...
  11. @OP: did you patch the game? Did you overclock your CPU? If not, do both!
  12. Thanks for all the help.

    I would love to get a new CPU but i dont feel that an i7 ivy bridge would be a worth while upgrade for only 10 frames more performance in games and considering it run hot when OC. would a i7-3930k be a good upgrade? or should i wait for the ivy bridge version?

    Secondly how do i go about updating the game when its a steam version? shouldn't it be the latest version?
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