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HD4000 = GPU

Should I use the HD4000 graphics on my i7 3770k overclocked to the max 1600MHz or something like that or would it be better to go and buy a GPU. And the question is what GPU will i see a performance gain in games, and is there any way I could use both the hd4000 integrated and whatever graphics card i decide on later?
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  1. buy a new gpu, the hd 4000 isnt strong enough.
  2. It really depends on what games you want to play. And any half decent graphics card will be an improvement over the HD 4000

    As for your last questions: Look into Virtu MVP.
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    The Intel HD 4000 would basically be comparable to a Radeon HD 5550 which is not even considered a gaming card. The Intel HD 4000 can generally give you decent / good performance using a mix of low and medium graphic settings at 1366x768 resolution for games that are not very graphically demanding. Metro 2033 is an example of a very graphics intensive game that the Intel HD 4000 would not be able to provide decent performance.
  4. HD4000 is a good video card for anything but games. If you want to play games, you better budget for a video card.
  5. BF3 gave me an average of 32 FPS over a 1 hour period.

    All low details

    Yes it was MP
  6. Hey there, I just thought I'd let you know what my experience with the HD4000 is. Look below to see my system setup. I play wow with about half of my settings on medium and half on low, no AA and I play at 1080p. In 10 man raids with particle density set to medium i get roughly 30 fps, but in 25 man raids I need to drop all my settings down to low and I still don't get 30. If you can fit it into your budget I'd recommend getting an HD 7850 or better card. The HD4000 will suffice in the short term but it will not satisfy your gaming needs.
  7. Also, just throwing out there, there is NO difference between an i5 and an i7 in gaming - no games use hyperthreading.

    Save the $100 that way and put it towards a better graphics card. Gaming is ENTIRELY about the GPU. (an i3 and good card will demolish your i7 and, say a 7750)
  8. if i got an hd 7870 and my 3770k hoe beast would that be at gaming and hd video edtiing
  9. The graphics card play no role in video editing unless the program you use specifically uses the graphics card. Otherwise it all depends on the CPU. If the program does not support HyperThreading, then going with the i5-3570k would be the better option. If HT is supported then the i7-3770k can give anywhere between a 10% - 40% improvement depending on how well HT has been implemented into the program's design.
  10. im assuming hyper threading is very important in after effects?also i will use photoshop and sony vegas 12.0 do they implement HT tech? Thanks
  11. Yes, you can also use your 7870 (OpenCL) in Photoshop and Vegas.
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