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What Graphics card will work?

I'm wondering what graphics cards will work with the Intel DP45SG desktop board. I'm pretty sure any graphics card will work in it but i want to double check. Also any suggestions for a video card under 100 dollars that will run most games on medium settings (minecraft, starcraft II, Total war shogun 2, Civilization 5 games i have right now) this is the link to the board-
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    That all depends on your CPU, but under $100 bottlenecking shouldn't be a problem.
    At that price you wont get a decent graphics card and you've probably have to upgrade sooner than later as no card of that price is future proof to any extent.
    Anyway seeing as you asked, a Radeon HD 6670 would be best at that price point!
    Hope this helped. :)
  2. I have an intel core 2 quad Q9550 processor
  3. Hmm well in england £90 ish will get you a gtx 550 ti that may be a little over budget but worth it. That or a Radeon HD 6850
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