My Nephew needs a new gaming computer. He is extremely advanced in his gaming ab

Hope to Purchase an advanced gaming computer for my nephew. He is currently using an expensive gaming mouse & keyboard & a 50 inch TV monitor. It's a gift & I have no idea where to start. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Additional information would help people answer your question. Budget? Expected date of purchase? What types of games does he play? What computer does he have now? Etc.
  2. He has I-7 Processor,and a Cyber Power Computer with a 750 watt power power supply. He plays World of Warcraft, Crisis,& many others. He has basically rebuilt his computer, Uses a Razor Mega Mouse & Lycosa Keyboard.I bought him a new video card & it would not work. He thinks the lack of cooling "messes up" his motherboard. He doesn't need a monitor.Time of Purchase is now. I hope to spend less than 2,000.He wants a system that will last at least 5 years & can hopefully keep up with the demands of new games.
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