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I've decided to go with the Radeon 7950 over the 660 ti, but which specific model should I get?


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  1. the best potential wise are the 7950's with 7970 PCB's which include:

    Sapphire 7950 OC cards(950 mhz model black PCB)
    MSI Twin Frozr 3 7950

    and a foreign
    Fire Hurrican A795

    Sapphire Vapor-X gets special mention for cooling properties(as doing so is a gamble if you get a voltage locked or unlocked model for heavy overclocking purposes), though no 7970 pcb.
  2. I go for the Asus HD 7950 DirectCU II, HIS' HD 7950 IceQ or Sapphire Vapor-X
  3. Is the Gigabtye version worth taking a look at?
  4. Saxguy101 said:
    Is the Gigabtye version worth taking a look at?
    I wouldn't bother with it but that's because i have had bad luck with their cards so it might be worth looking at for you
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