AMD Radeon HD 7770 suddenly stuttering?

Title says all. In any #D enviorment, the stuttering occurs. Minecraft on lowest possible settings stutters worst of all. It started wiht BF3 after a driver update. Next after windows shut down without me knowing to update, I start it up and here we are. Although FRAPS and pressing F3 in MC says I'm getting above 45 FPS, it stutters and drops to 15 or less. The stock clocks were 1000mhz core, and 1125 memory. Temp didn't go above 80c, when overclocked to 1150:1250 and fan speed set at 45%, ran FurMark for 8 hours on a stress test and got around 83c. I used MSi Afterburner. This was all before the shutdown and MC ran great with the sonic ethers shaders and far render distance. After the shutdown, MC stutters a lot and BF3. The PC I bought on the 5th and got here on the 8th. Worked fine until now.

Any suggestions?

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  1. try rolling back your drivers to 12.8. the new drivers are drastically different and push the cards in so strange ways. my card now goes crazy if i try to overclock it anywhere near where i used to.
  2. Well I guess I would try reinstalling your video card drivers. It doesn't appear to be heat related so thats my best guess. What are your proc temps while running prime95?
  3. Prime95 won't start... hardware failure it says. Rolling back didn't fix it. I'm really clueless here.
  4. Ran minecraft and noticed through MSi Afterburner that, my core and memory clocks keep docking up and down.

    I just ran Sonic Generations and the video is faster than the audio. I think it's trying to run faster than it needs to...? Now that i think about it, it's the same in minecraft. I'm going to enable VSYNC and see what happens.

    It definitly helped. Though the video was still a little faster. And the menu in minecraft stutters and it looks like it's lagging, when actually in-game it seems like it wants to over do itself and stutters forward. Even the sounds speed up. really confusing.
  5. Ended up doing a full system restore. The PC is only a couple days old so no really important files. Did the trick, I'll be keepign an eye on the drivers and with each driver update from now on.
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