Deleted vista partition and now windows 7 wont boot

I used to have Vista x64 ultimate as my main OS. I got windows 7 x64 Ultimate to replace it. I didnt want to do an upgrade and just made a separate partition for it. Everything worked fine until I deleted Vista. Now I cant get Windows 7 to boot and its calling itself drive G. I was able to make it the active partition but it says the bootmgr is missing. I used Acronis Disk Director 2010 to delete the vista partition and expand the Windows 7 in its place. Acronis sees the Win 7 partition as C:. But the Win 7 install disk sees it as G:. I also ran the windows 7 install disk to see if it could do a repair. It said it did, but of course the bootmgr isnt working. Are there any suggestions for 1. renaming the drive letter to be correct according to Windows and 2. fixing the boot manager.
I appreciate the help anyone can give regarding this
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  1. As you found, deleting the Vista partition also deleted the W7 boot manager.

    "I also ran the windows 7 install disk to see if it could do a repair."
    Did you use the W7 disk to boot with and run the install choosing custom instalation, then the repair boot option?
    If you have done this and failed then you will need to reinstall W7 from scratch, DO NOT format the drive if you wish to retain your data files.
    Doing a custom instalation of W7 will put the old instalation in a Windows.old folder from which you can recover any files you havn't backed up. You can delete this folder later.
    For more information on upgrading if needed at:
  2. You foolish fool, you deleted the boot loader. Not really sure how to fix that with Win 7 short of the custom installation. You could also install Linux on that now empty partition, and just set the boot loader (usually GRUB) to load Win 7 by default :D.
  3. I appreciate all the input. Unfortunately I couldnt get it back up and running. I gave all the ideas a go, but it just wouldnt have it. I ended up doing a new install over the top. Ive got to reinstall all my programs, which will be the biggest pain, but at least its back up. I had done this before with vista/xp back in the day, and didnt have this kind of problem. But alas, this happened with win 7/vista. O well, itsw not the end of the world. just a pain. Again thanks everyone
  4. And the answer comes from Morocco,

    I messed up with boot manager and ended deleting my boot data in the famous 100 mb partition...

    the very simple solution is :
    1-boot with windows 7 media install (aka windows 7 dvd or usb ...);
    2-choose language of installation;
    3- instead of going to the installation, click repair my computer or something like it ( it says to me "reparer mon ordinateur" in french) hehehehe;
    4-choose starting repair and follow the next simple steps;
    5- reboot your system when it asks you to do it and that's all!!!

    "I love and fear My Creator"

    what about my english is it ok?
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