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I'm putting together my first build today, and feel I have some connections wrong. My board is the asrock extreme6 and case is the CM Storm Scout. It seems to be that the front panel connection in the case does not match with the pins on the case. Am I doing something wrong that is causing no reaction when the power is pressed? If so, could I get some instructions as to installation?
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  1. If you look in the manual provided with the motherboard it should show you where to connect the power button switch, and its correct orientation.
    All manuals have this information, if you don`t have it just go to the makers website of the board type in the board model number and you should be able to download the manual as a pdf file to look at.
  2. make sure the 4/8 pin pci power connecter near the cpu is plugged in. also did you use the brass standoff to keep your mb from shorting out??
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